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Sr. Pastor Apostle DJ Wiggins

Apostle Wiggins has been  pastoring in North Carolina for over 17 years.  Apostle Wiggins is an accomplished vocalist and musician and has God given grace for multiple talents.  Apostle Wiggins is a powerful weapon in the kingdom, and is equipped for the breaking of strong holds and the calling forth of deliverance. His anointing for preaching and teaching the Word of God is "life changing" !

Prophetess Goldie Wiggins​  /  Women's Ministry

An anointed, appointed Woman of God, with the God given oversight evidenced by the laying of hands and the prophetic  utterance God's grace has equipped her with. 

Elder White  /  Church Administrator

Prophet Boddie / Men's Ministry and Deacon Board

Elder Wright  /  Hospitality & Events

Elder Harris  /   Sunday School Superintendent / Finance

Elder Sims   /   Intercessory Prayer

Elder Seawell  / Evangelism

Elder Johnson, PhD  /  Business & Outreach

Sister Stancil   / Youth Ministry 

Minister Richardson / Youth Ministry

Elder White / Usher Board

Sister Stancil   /  Minister of Music

Sister Outlaw   /  Arts & Praise and Worship

Elder Jewel is anointed in various areas of ministry.  Elder White